Opening times

Opening times are as follows:

Willow Tree Pre-school is a registered charity.  We take children aged 2, either funded through the Together 4 Two’s scheme where they are entitled to 15 hours free funding or charged at £7 per hour for unfunded children.

We take children aged 3 and 4, either funded through Local Authority with 15 hours free funding, or charged at £6 per hour for unfunded children or for hours above the free 15 hours.

We now offer the 30 hours free funding for children if their parents are entitled to it.  Parents need to apply for this funding through the HMRC website and provide us with the eligibility code to claim this funding.

Our hours for 2 year olds are 08.45 to 11.45 or 12.30 to 15.30

Our hours for 3-4 year olds are 09.15-14.45 (extended day)

09.15-12.15 (Part time)

09.30-14.30 (flexi days)


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